Tantrachick’s Bedroom

Hey lovelies,

So I was planning on posting the photos the photographer took of me a couple weeks ago…but I took a series of self-portraits in my new bedroom today and I decided to share them instead.

As far as a behind the scenes look into my mind during the shoot, I took the first 10 photos, then my lovers ravaged my body for an hour or more… then I took the next 10. The smile on my face tells the story of my immense pleasure. The photos of me smiling were taken by my lover…

I had at least 7 orgasms if not more… In the past month, I have had sex more times per day/night than I can count. I am averaging 10-20 orgasms per day and it feels so good to be my authentic sensual self. I plan on sharing some erotica stories with you in the near future, but for today, you’ll have to be satisfied with 21 photos of my in my beautiful new bedroom.


From my heart to yours,